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9/24/00   Woohoo seXpac is back!!!!  Oh yeah and not to mention my site has finally reached 1000 hits.  This column today will be about how started out around the middle of March.  I'll have wrestling related stuff next week when I finally get to watch Raw.  
Well I started thinking about making a WWF site during November of 99.  I made a crappy little one on Geocities but I didn't really know what I was doing so it was forgotten about.  
    In February I was trying stuff with Angelfire and other sites but I couldn't really find one that I liked.  So I did some searching and found Tripod but I didn't really like their page builder too much.  I don't know where but I found this Trellix site builder download.  This shiznit made it easy for me to create what I really wanted.  I thank the people who came up with this.
    Around the mid of March I started a site called "seXpac's WWF and Spurs Site" and I had a funny little logo with se- on one side, pac on the other and and X in the middle to simulate X-pac's intro.  It was mostly about the San Antonio Spurs than the WWF.  There were scores and kool columns about the 99 champs.  The layout was alright and I had a Rock picture that I colored green, red, and blue and used them for the left border frames(I didn't have the right border yet).  I also had a pink colored David Robinson on the Spurs section...yeah don't even think I'm queer.  There was a shit load of themes and they took up too much space so I said the hell with that and left only a few.  
    Hmm I don't really remember but I think sometime around the end of April or the beginning of May is when I changed my lame ass layout and the Spurs section was trashed.  I also made my site dedicated to the D-Generation X because I love them so much.  The background was changed to a spiffy blue color and a site navigation thingy that had a sorta circle, silver pipe with green orbs seperated around it that represented Links, column, etc. and had a capital letter on them.  It was pretty kool but the pics weren't lined up good enough so it looked messy.  During this time I also added the greetings.  Oh yeah and not to forget..."seXpac's WWF and Spurs Site" became "".  I went to a DX site and I saw the namezero bar and found that you could get a free domain name.  Woohoo yaaaaay I was so excited that I finally had a badass URL.  I was thinking of names but I picked DXDegenerates cuz I wanted it to be a place where other DX fans could come together and discuss shiznit.  
Sometime during the first half of June I wasn't happy with the layout again so I changed it to what you are looking at now.  It made it easier for people to use and a long ass left border wouldn't need to be used.  When I did that all these new ideas came to my mind and I added a way better pics section, more of everything, a message board, A CHAT ROOM, and bios.  I decided to leave Billy, Chyna and HBK out cuz I wanted this site to be current with the members.  
    Now I'm working harder to make this place better for DX fans.  Check back soon for more updates.  There's nothing really more to say but two words "suck it".  Later...seXpac.

8/1/00  Smackdown kicked major ass and I loved it.  Well hopefully you all saw it and know what happened.  After it went off the air the Rock said "the Rock says he doesn't want to leave San Antonio just yet...".  He wanted to have a little talk with Shane alone in the ring so Benoit and them left.  Rocky started talking to Shane about pie and stuff and brave Simba said that he'd be peach pie or something then fans began throwing beer cups in the ring.  The Brahma Bull said "don't throw it at Shane keep it for yourselves to drink" hehe.  Then the McMahon was telling the Rock to join him, Benoit, The Big Show, and Angle and he would stay the WWF Champion forever.  He thought about it and in a coarse voice said "The Rock thinks that you're an idiot" and gave Shane-O-Mac the Rock Bottom followed by the People's Elbow.  The whole conversation altogether was around 15 to 20 minutes.
Well now to the current stuff in the World Wrestling Federation.  Yaaay it looks like it is finally going to be over between Triple H and Stephanie.  I was laughing my ass off when I looked up at the Titan Tron and saw Trish Stratus bending over in front of Hunter trying to counter a move.  It didn't look any better after Raw on Monday with Steph leaving and then that precarious position HHH fell on top of Trish.  I guess you could say the Rock had the last laugh.  
I don't know where Tori is now and I hope she doesn't return to DX.  Someone said that the fans are booing X-Pac because of Tori but that's not how it was on Smackdown.  I didn't see Tori there and the Degenerates are getting booed altogether.  They have just become run in partners for one another and beating others up.  It has been done many times before but that's when Triple H wasn't in the marriage storyline with Stephanie.  That for one has gotten the fans to somewhat hate DX.  With Billy returning in a couple of months I hope that he will be back in D-Generation X and bring them together.  Chyna does not look like she is going anywhere and she was put on her own to see if she would get over with the fans which she has.  I saw wood.
Well I'm happy because I got to see the W-O-R-M and Too Cool dance.  Heck I saw it twice because of the taping of Heat.  But I didn't get to see the Undertaker on his bike :(.  Another thing that kicked ass was that they announced UPN will now be aired here in San Antonio and I will be able to see Smackdown on Thursdays woohoo!  The commercial was played and everyone went crazy even me hehe.  Smackdown was a total of around 4 hours long and I got a headache but that didn't keep me from enjoying it.
There isn't much more to write about now and it's just one of those times that you have to wait until Raw or Smackdown to know what else is going to happen.  Later seXpac

7/18/00  Oh yeah, Fully Loaded is Sunday and with some kick ass matches.  
There's the Rock versus Benoit for the WWF Championship which should be good.  I see the Rock retaining the title even though they are trying to make Chris a main eventer.  Benoit has just been a pain in the ass giving people the Crippler Crossface and I want to knock another tooth out of him.  Another champion would be nice but I think Rocky will lose it at SummerSlam or on TV against some other challenger.  I'll be at Smackdown on the 25th woohoo!!! Triple H versus Chris Jericho is a long awaited match I've wanted to see since Hunter cried about a fast count and lost the belt for like a few minutes.  Just to be sure I'd like to say that it never happened(sheeyeah right).  I see the ayatollah winning this match and it will be the best I believe.  I'll go probably make a sandwich or take a dump during the other matches but I will be sitting on the couch with my eyes glued to the television for this awesome match.  Oh yeah and I'm going to Smackdown the 25th.  The last of the three great matches is Kurt Angle against the American Badass himself, the Undertaker.  Angle is obviously afraid to face the Phenom.  Kirk Angel has had some great matches since he has won the King of the Ring last month.  Kurt will pull off some tricks and use his amateur wrestling skills against Taker but the biker will probably pull this one out.  The Undertaker's gimmick is cool and stuff but I still miss the old one.  Maybe he should revert to it whenever Vince returns to television.  Haha I'm gonna be at Smackethdown the 25th.
To tell the truth I was afraid DX would disband and it would just be Dogg and Pac again with the same old shiznit.  They had me but I was relieved when Road Dogg came down with the sledgehammer.  I didn't want them to beat up Jericho but those were some pretty hard shots to the head and gut.  But I still want the trashbag ho Steph to leave and I still want my old DX back.  Did I mention that I will be at Smackdown the 25th.

Well that's all for now and I'll have the pictures section up when I can download that freakin photo sequence wizard and I'll have some pics of my Smackdown "experience".----seXpac

6/20/00 King of the Ring is this Sunday and it should be a slobberknocker. Well there are three candidates in my mind who will be crowned King. Number one is Kurt Angle because he should be getting a push very soon and maybe even a title shot in these coming months. He has all the things that you need in a wrestler and he is getting great mic time. Another is Chris Jericho who is loved by the fans and has gotten one title shot against Triple H and won but Triple H cried like a little baby and said that the match wasn't fair. The ayatollah has almost been in the federation for a year and has made much more progress than in the WCW. Speaking of another former WCW wrestler, Chris Benoit has kept up with the heavyweights and meets all the standards for a champion but for some reason I do not really think that he is going to win this year's King of the Ring. Rikishi Phatu can win but I think he'll become tired and fall right back on his ass. And wow what a match between Rikishi and Val Venis. It was just nasty and the attacks were gruesome. Val Venis is also a competitor in the King of the Ring. He has not been involved in that many angles this year. I think he has been in the Federation for a little more than 2 years.
W-O-R-M. Scotty Too Hotty is also in the competition and I'm sure the fans would love to see him win but I don't think he will. Speaking of Too Cool Grandmaster Sexay put up a hell of a match this past Monday on Raw and I was pissed off when he lost.
There is a dumpster match scheduled for Sunday's PPV between Road Dogg, X-Pac and Tori versus the Dudleyz. I know that I'm a DX fan bbbut I want the Dudley Boys to win and they'll be looking for revenge after they were thrown over the entrance ramp in a dumpster on Smackdown.
The main event is supposed to be(and I'm saying that because anything can change)the Rock, Kane, and the American Badass himself against the faction's Triple H, Shane-O-Mac, and Vince. The winner of this match will be the World Wrestling Federation Champion and since there is a six man tag match the Faction will try to pit Taker, Kane and Rock against each other. I wouldn't be surprised if the Faction themselves don't get into a fight. I'm thinking that Shane will go for the pin but Triple H will pull him off and begin to argue with him while Rocky comes from behind and smacks the taste out of their ignorant mouths. If this happens or if Triple H loses then look for him to feud with the Faction. I see a seperation between D-Generation X and the McMahons. This will probably lead to a face DX and I'm just hoping the return of Chyna. She beat Eddy Guerrero for a King of the Ring qualifying match and this may be the end of the mamacita angle.
Well that's all for now degenerates and I'll have more next week after Sunday's King of the Ring PPV.---seXpac

5/17/00 Oh yeah the Heart Break Kid will be back at Judgement Day, the next pay per view. It's good to hear that HBK is coming back and to be confirmed, not like the hundereds of rumors on the internet that were saying for sure that he would be on Raw and Smackdown. I have still yet to see J.R.'s barbeque sauce and he has a cookbook in the works. Damn he is just on fire with his products. He gets like what a thousand dollars in merchandise. If you were Austin then you'd be getting the millions and millions of dollars added to your paycheck. But he is happy with it and is trying hard. My name is Kiiiiiiiiiiiid. Kid Rock is going to be performing on Raw, at least I think it is next weeks' Raw, and should be an extra boost in rating after the ass whooping of the WCW every single week. At least the WWF got someone good like when Motley Crue performed(and the federation saw interest in Test) not like that damn wheel chair wrestling who got David Arquette to be the heavyweight champion. It was kind of good for publicity but he is a complete idiot. There's nothing really more to say but for two words S*ck It!

4/24/00 Austin will be back on Sunday at Backlash and it has been a long time since we've seen him. He will be in the Rock's corner against Triple H. I don't know who will win because the Rock is supposed to leave for a while to film the Mummy 2 or something. I know this time that HHH will not retain his title and it's gettin boring seeing him as champ. Well kinda getting boring but sure is getting old. He is the game and all but with WCW being reborn, the WWF has some competition after some time. The Federation is still beating the crap out of WCW in ratings but who knows what will happen is Triple H wins the championship again. It would be cool to see the Rock hand the title over to Austin but he is still in rehabilitation. Everything always changes at the last minute and Vinnie Mac is going to be at Raw tonight. He has to have something special up his a- I mean sleeve. Either expect a lot of talking at Raw or lots o fightin. Maybe Jericho can be in the main event at Backlash. He won the title for a few minutes but Hunter was bitching about a fast count then firing Earl Hebner. He has the main event status and the fans love him. Not like the Big Show who nobody gave a crap about and didn't even cheer for when he was the champ. I will get very pissed if HHH wins again. Expect backlash to be a slobberknocker like it was last year. I really want the Undertaker back and when he does expect him to team up with Kane. Kane should be better by the time the Phenom returns. Raw should kick some ass and see some surprises.

4/4/00 I just came back from seeing the final match of Shawn Michaels' career. I love it there at the Far West Rodeo and even though it is small, the sound level gets high. People have their own chants and sometimes make jokes at the new wrestlers. Like when a wrestler named Shooter Schultz came out and helped HBK when he was handcuffed to the ropes by Venom. Shooter came from behind and slammed Venom about three times through a table that would not break and finally it broke when Shawn did it. It is sad to see Michaels go but he is doing what he really wants and there is a wife a child to think about. It's not likely that he will have an active role in the WWF anymore but I very much hope so. Well getting back to the match Venom came out and there were some boos and the anticipation of the next wrestler. Then I heard the sexy boy music and immediately everyone else in the "arena" was on their feet. Everyone was standing the whole match. Shawn got off to a slow start and looked like he was hurtin' including the chair shot to his back. When the fans saw this they were yelling to HBK to be careful. After about a couple of minutes Michaels took the advantage hitting Venom with anything he could even with an aluminum foil looking thing. One cool moment was when Venom looked like he was going to push Shawn onto a table that was almost seven or eight feet above but HBK got out of the hold and threw that roody poo off instead. Shawn Michaels used a ladder and jumped off the top of it onto Venom and also used it to give him a hit to the groin. After that I started yelling when watching the Heart Break Kid get warmed up for some of that Sweet Chin Music being delivered to Venom and counting 1-2-3. The place went crazy and Shawn Michaels stated that no one comes into my town without leaving with their head shoved up their ass. He also said that there would be a title match on the 18th and ECW's Sandman would be one of the contenders. We will all miss you Shawn and your impact in the WWF will never be the same. The Heart Break Kid, the Icon, the Showstopper, the true degenerate, Shawn Michaels. E-mail me if u want pics of this match.

3/28/00 Stephanie McMahon wasn't the only child to turn on her parents as Shane gave Vince a beating. The Rock and Mick Foley came to help before Shane could slap Linda like his sister. It was a good Raw and it had some of the things that would lead to WrestleMania. Rikishi beat Road Dogg after a face full of ass. Jericho did a wonderful job and I think he will pin angle for the IC belt at WM and Benoit will pin Kurt for the European belt. I think everyone will lose their belts a WM. Too Cool is just too cool. No word yet on who will be the special referee if there is one but Austin or Undertaker would be good. Even Shawn Michaels could be the special ref. Who knows? WCW sucks. The Hardys are good wrestlers but they need to be in a good angle because it gets kinda boring when all they do is high flying moves. Don't get me wrong I like them and their moves it is just that they need to be in a better storyline. I don't know how many Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz matches we've all seen. Steph is a biatch but she is damn hot. I just don't like when she tries to do that evil face cuz it just makes her look steeeuped. Tori needs to get the hell out of DX because she is a pain in the ass. She has no use there and neither does Stephanie but she is likely to be dumped or dump HHH. Bull Buchanon is like a bull and he needs to be with someone else other thatn Bossman. Moolah and Mae Young need to leave because they have no use and should get to work at writing their autobiographies. Road Dogg did some good rhyming "like I said two tears in a bucket and if you're not down with that I got 2 words for ya S*ck It!" I hope the Rock wins at Backlash before he leaves to film the Mummy 2. Well that's all for now and I'll have lots more on Saturday before WrestleMania. seXpac