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Road Dogg

Name: Brian James Armstrong
Born: May 20
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 236 LBS.
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Debut: 1994
Finishing Manuever: Doggy Style
Career Highlights:
- Former WWF Tag Team Champion (8)
- Former WWF Intercontinental Champion
- Former WWF Hardcore Champion

In 1993, Brian Armstrong debuted in Smoky Mountain as "The Dark Secret". He later wrestled in Smoky Mountain, WCW, and USWA under his real name Brian Armstrong. He is a trueblood member of the wrestling Armstong family, whose real names are the James' (confusing, isn't it?).

A year later, James arrived in the WWF as "Double J" Jeff Jarrett's 'Roadie'. After a year of being in JJ's shadow, Jesse finally began wrestling, first in tag matches with Jarrett.

He was beginning to receive a bit of a push, with wins over Bob Holly and the 1-2-3 Kid, when Roadie and Jarrett left the WWF together because of distaste for their current storyline. The Roadie was to turn on Jeff Jarrett and reveal that Jarrett's song "With my Baby Tonight" was actually Roadie singing with Jarrett lip-synching.

Armstrong hung out in USWA as Jesse James Armstrong for awhile and did a Heavyweight Champion reign followed by winning the tag belts with Tracy Smothers and holding them through the end of the year.

In the beginning of '96, James and Smothers lost the belts to Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert. They won them back only briefly from PG-13 in February.

James won a tournament to be the first USWA televison champion on USWA's 1000th show in April. He lost the title to Tony Falk in April, but regained it in May.

He lost a loser-leaves-town match to Jeff Jarrett in June, and returned to the WWF as the "real" Double J, Jesse James, and sang "With my Baby Tonight" as he came down to the ring.

In early 1997, The Honkytonk Man offered his services as Jesse James's manager, but smashed Honkytonk Man's heirloom guitar instead. Honkytonk offered his services to Billy Gunn, changing Gunn's name to Rockabilly to feud with Jesse James.

Tired of being a low card loser, James showed up at one Shotgun Saturday Night event as the Road Dog, and convinced Billy Gunn to drop the Rockabilly gimmick and Honkytonk Man to team up together. The duo became known as the New Age Outlaws.

The New Age Outlaws appeared in late summer 1997. Billy Gunn was approached by Jesse James to form a tag team. Gunn ditched his then-mentor, The Honkey Tonk Man, and his gimmick, Rockabilly, to join forces with the fellow mid-carder. By November of 1997, the Outlaws had captured the gold from the Legion Of Doom. The NAO held the titles until Wrestlemania 14, where they lost a dumpster match against the Hardcore legends, Cactus Jack and Terry Funk. The Outlaws protested and the titles were held up until the next night, when they defeated the Legends and reaptured the belts. That same night, "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and "Road Dogg" Jesse James became the newest members of DX.

Since joining forces with new attitudes to go along with their new nicknames, the Road Dogg Jesse James and Bad Ass Billy Gunn have done anything and everything to make enemies within the tag team ranks. Whether it is stealing Los Boricuasí clothes and jewelry or smashing a boom box over the head of Mosh, Mr. Dogg and Mr. Ass have done nothing but frustrate and anger their opponents with their disrespectful and childish demeanor. However, no team has more reason to seek revenge on these two wise-guys than the legendary Legion of Doom. Not only have the New Age Outlaws stolen the infamous spiked shoulder pads of Animal and Hawk, but many Federation experts feel that the new champions robbed the L.O.D. by cheating their way to victory to take the Tag Team belts.

Then recently in the War Zone, the Road Dogg and Bad Ass Billy Gunn did the unthinkable by dismantling and disrespecting Hawk and Animal in a way that no one has ever dared. As the Legion of Doom were involved in a match with D-Generation X, the New Age Outlaws appeared ringside. Billy distracted Hawk as the Road Dog crept up behind him, pouring some type of chemical solvent into a rag. Jesse then covered Hawk's mouth with the rag, eventually knocking him unconscious. Shawn, Hunter, and Chyna pummeled Animal, while Bad Ass Billy shaved Road Warrior Hawk's famous mohawk. The five superstars then turned their attention to Animal, by powerbombing him off the ring apron and on to the announcerís table. While he lay motionless among cracked wood and smashed TV monitors, Billy and Shawn took turns coming off the top rope to further injure the disgraced Hawk. As the legendary Legion of Doom lay badly beaten around the ring, it seemed as if Billy and Jesse may have successfully begun their plot to do away with the L.O.D for good.

The next legendary duo "Mr. Dog" and "Mr. Ass" looked to retire was the team of Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie. After locking the two Hardcore Legends in a garbage dumpster and dropping it nearly twenty feet to the concrete floor, it appeared as though the Outlaws had accomplished their feat. But, Cactus and Chainsaw made a comeback and squared off against the Road Dog and Badd Ass at WrestleMania XIV. Although the hardcore duo won the match that night, the decision was overturned the following evening. A rematch was ordered that night, and with the help of D-Generation X, the Outlaws regained the titles.

As D-Generation X and the New Age Outlaws annihilated the Legion of Doom and jointly celebrated the assumed destruction of Cactus Jack and Terry Funk, it became apparent that something was beginning to unfold between the two most heinous teams in the World Wrestling Federation. Recently, when Triple H decided to bolster up the DX ARMY, the first tag team he looked to was the New Age Outlaws. With the belts firmly wrapped around their waists, and their status in D-Generation X as full fledged members, the future has never looked brighter for the Road Dog and Badd Ass--which may be a bad thing for their fellow tag team superstars.

After Billy Gunn's ego tore the team apart, Road Dogg floundered for awhile in the single ranks of the WWF, but at Fully Loaded he revealed himself as a True D-Generate by gaining the deciding pinfall and allowing himself and X-Pac the rights to D-Generation-X , With his charisma and skills the future is very bright for this former outlaw as he tries to capture the winning ways of his former partner