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Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 212 LBS.
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Debut: Summer 1993
Previous Names:
- Lightning Kid GWF
- 1-2-3 Kid WWF
- Syxx WCW
Finishing move: X-Factor
Career Highlights:
- Former WWF Tag Team Champion (4)
- Former WWF European Champ (2)

Sean is no stranger to anyone who has watched pro wrestling during the 90's. He started his career in the early 90's as "The Lightning Kid" in the now defunct Global Wrestling Federation. In the summer of 1993, he went to the World Wrestling Federation, where he was first known just as "The Kid", then after a fast and spectacular upset against Razor Ramon, he was renamed "The 123 Kid".

Waltman's style was a mix of martial arts and high risk maneuvers making him seems as of the biggest risk takers in the business. But with a 6"1" frame only carrying 212 lbs. at the time Waltman knew he had to do something more than most to get noticed.

He was a 'babyface' for most of his WWF career until he underwent a "heel turn" in October of 1995. That is when he joined Ted DiBiase's "Million Dollar Corporation", selling out to DiBiase while acting as guest referee between his former best friend Razor Ramon and Million Dollar Corporation member Psycho Sid, helping Sid to win the match, and setting up a feud with Razor Ramon which culimated in the infamous and much protested Crybaby Match at the February 1996 IYH PPV. He lost that match.

He took a sort of sabbatical for two months to heal some nagging injuries he had sustained over the previous year only to return to find out that Vince was really no longer interested in his services. There was a verbal agreement after a couple weeks of discussion with the end result being that Waltman was to be released from the WWF.

After another waiting period Waltman's signed release arrived at the WWF Headquarters in September of 1996 finally allowing Sean to sign with WCW. Sean joined his friends Scott Hall and Kevin Nash on September 16, 1996 9 weeks after his negotiations had begun with the WWF for his release and one day after Fall Brawl.

Sean was once again injured by Larry Zybysko on the Monday Nitro after
Halloween Havok. Waltman had major surgery in January 1998 to remove two vertebrae in his neck and has been undergoing rehabilitation ever since.

In what is being termed as not only as a political move but also a sign of who really has the power in WCW, Eric Bischoff recently released Waltman. Sean re-appeared in the WWF on Monday Night RAW on March 30, 1998 as the newest member of D-Generation X once again being reunited with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and The Kliq.

First impressions speak volumes. Although March 30 was not the first time World Wrestling Federation fans saw X-Pac, (formerly the 1-2-3 Kid) it was the first time they saw him like this. No longer was he a fresh faced, innocent looking kid. Now he wore a beard and dark glasses as a member of the most notorious group in the Federation--D-Generation X. After grabbing the microphone from Triple H, X-Pac went on a tirade aimed at not only at his peers in the Federation, but some former co-workers down south. X-Pac belittled aged wrestler Hulk Hogan and his brown-nosed employer, Eric Bischoff, before warning the rest of the World Wrestling Federation that a new day has dawned for D-Generation X and everyone was going to know about it!

X-Pac went on to become a 2 time European Champion defeating D-Lo Brown both times to hold the prestigious title, he then went through 3 other men to go to the finals of the IC Title tournament before losing to Ken Shamrock. X-Pac continued to reign as European Champion until WrestleMania XV when a turn by former friend HHH caused him to lose the title to Shane McMahon, after WrestleMania XV X-Pac entered a brief fued with HHH but lost to him twice before entering the tag team ranks with Kane and forming a devasting combination that would hold the tag titles twice. Although now the duo is on shaky ground X-Pac has proven his skills at both singles and tag team competition, if X-Pac can stay healthy he can become a WWF Champion.